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Burnout Recovery Retreats for Founders

Our mission is simple...

Help you bounce back from burnout so that you can get back to

...changing the world.

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Applications Closed for January 2023 Cohort

Self-care and vacations won’t fix your Burnout.

Dealing with the root cause will. 

We understand the time, energy, and bandwidth constraints of a burned-out founder. The Burnoutover program is designed with that in mind.


Our strategies have been tested with other founders and shown to lead to lasting, transformative changes. Now we made it even better with a cohort-based immersive structure. 


We are so confident that we give a money-back guarantee. 

What We Offer

3-Day Immersive Retreat + 8-Weeks Integration & Dojo

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A New Framework

Mainstream strategies are not effective. We apply Polyvagal Theory to understand Burnout and potential interventions. From this perspective Burnout is a maladaptive survival response given to the work environment.


You have to find the trigger of this survival response and take care of it. Other methods may help but won’t solve the problem.

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Immersive Retreat 

Knowledge is necessary but not sufficient for recovery. The immersive setup of our retreat ensures the integration of the information and enforces deep reflection.


The insights and the action items that will come from 3-days of immersion will kick off your journey.

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Small Cohort

We are social animals. Being part of a cohort, a small group of founders who go through similar experiences will catalyze your transformation. 


The accountability, community, and hands-on interactivity that cohort-based structure provides can't be matched by existing options.

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Founders' Dojo

To build any type of strength, training is necessary. A resilient attitude to the rollercoaster of startup life requires mental, emotional, physiological, and philosophical training.


The dojo is where you train and put the insights from the retreat into real-life action. We will run an 8-week (online) Dojo exclusively for your cohort.

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This program is right for you if...

Your burnout puts you and your company at risk for failure.

You are second-guessing yourself and worried that you may not have what it takes.

You have a lot to lose and you are ready to take action now.


Founders' Note

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A Leader's Journey is full of external, internal, and philosophical challenges. It's a daring undertaking with many opportunities and pitfalls.


The journey sometimes involves doubts, feeling lost, and "eating glass" while having to exude confidence and clarity to the outside world.


We see your pain and desire to do great things. 


We have helped hundreds of executives unlock their leadership superpowers to be the effective, inspiring, and strong leaders they want to be while taking care of their personhood in the process. 


We can help you too. 

Looking forward to meeting you at our Retreat & Dojo!

~Banu & JJ

Most Effective Way for Founders

to Recover from Burnout

Sign up to be notified about future cohorts 

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  • What does Money Back Guarantee entail?
    If you are present at the retreat and Dojo sessions and at the end you don't think you have benefited from our program, we will refund you for all your sessions except room&board at the retreat.
  • Do I have to be a Startup Founder to join?
    Yes. Similarity of experiences of cohort members is an important feature of our program.
  • How are applications evaluated?
    We aim to curate a cohort of founders whose companies are in similar stages and industries.
  • Do I have to attend all 3 days of the retreat?
    Yes. This is a shared experience with a group of founders. Anything less than full commitment will negatively influence your and the cohorts outcomes. If you can’t make it a priority then you’re not ready.
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